Revenge® brand is a proud part of BONIDE Products and our 95 years of expertise in consumer pest control. Since 1926, BONIDE has been a leading name in synthetic and organic gardening products, specializing in weed, insect, disease and animal controls for use all around the yard and garden. Our Revenge® brand shares the same values of heritage and continuous improvement that have helped make BONIDE a leader in lawn & garden pest control.


In 2018 BONIDE became part of the ADAMA worldwide family of companies which brought global resources, expertise and best-in-class innovation to BONIDE. We are focused on advancing household pest control products with our Revenge® brand. Whether it’s improving safety, pushing effectiveness or making our products longer-lasting, we’re always looking to make the very best in modern household pest control products.

From our Invisible Roach Bait that’s effective against German Cockroaches for up to 2 years to our House Guard® products that provide up to 18 months of protection from insect pests, our REVENGE® brand of household pest control products are designed to work better and last longer than other brands.

It’s no wonder our Invisible Roach Bait received the 2020 Gold Innovation Award from Home Improvement Executive.


The safety of you, your family and the environment are one of our top priorities. Please use our pest control products properly by following all the label guidelines. Be sure to always read and follow the application instructions to ensure safe and effective use.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.