REVENGE® Invisible Roach Bait

8x the protection. Effective for up to 2 years on German cockroaches

Pest control just got smarter. Our Invisible Roach Bait keeps working on German cockroaches for up to 2 years. That’s 8x the protection of other baits. Simply apply with the easy-to-use puffer applicator. The bait is then carried back to where other roaches are hiding, killing the entire nest.

  • Kills the roaches you can’t see
  • Controls the adult cockroach and the nymphs
  • Starts killing in 24 hours
  • Reaches areas others can’t such as cracks and crevices and behind baseboards
  • Ideal for use in kitchen, bathrooms, and living rooms
  • Non-staining, odorless and invisible

46406: 3 gram puffers
46407: 8 pc. display


German Cockroaches


Stink Bugs


Pill Bugs


Additional Product Information

  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION-Keeps on killing Cockroaches for up to two years.
  • FOR BOTH INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE-Can be used in many areas both inside and outside the home. Ideal for kitchens bathrooms & living rooms.
  • INSECT KILLER -Fast acting. Starts killing in 24 hours. Bait penetrates deep into cracks and crevices where insects hide.
  • EASY TO USE – Invisible bait leaves behind no odor and no mess. Provides whole house protection
  • UNIQUE PUFFER APPLICATOR-Reaches cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas were insects like to hide. Bait disappears leaving an invisible line of home defense.

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